Traveling small

by Steve Brock November 30, 2012

We need big heroic quests. But we also can find value in the small trip and the close inspection of what lies around us every day as these amazing close-up images show.

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Why we travel

by Steve Brock November 13, 2012

Why do we travel? Check out this simple infographic of what we’re running from, what we’re traveling to and why how we travel may matter more than why we travel.

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A remembrance of things present – Part 4

by Steve Brock September 25, 2012

What if rediscovering the joy of riding a bicycle is about more than just riding a bike? What if there’s a reason behind all that delights us?

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Prairie dogs and business travel

by Steve Brock June 12, 2012

Business travel becomes something more when a tornado and other weather anomolies take over a routine trip work trip.

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The secret life of moss

by Steve Brock February 29, 2012

Travel makes you pay better attention but often at home we need to practice noticing everyday things like moss, a common sight where I live. Join me in this rediscovery its surprising beauty.

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You had to be there – Part 5

by Steve Brock January 25, 2012

The best, most meaningful travel occurs on two levels, the internal and the external. To get the most out of a trip, you have to be there on both levels as I discovered one day in Southern France.

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You had to be there – Part 2

by Steve Brock December 29, 2011

“You had to be there” takes on a whole new meaning when we realize the implications of this phrase to the Christmas message and for our own travels.

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