theology of travel

The beginning of a long journey

by Steve Brock on August 9, 2010

The effects of jet lag on my son Connor at the Rome airport

Three years ago last month, I am riding out to my homeward-bound plane in an air-conditioned bus across the sweltering tarmac of Fiumicino – Leonardo da Vinci airport, Rome’s international port of entry and departure for air travelers. I suddenly have two thoughts. The first is, “Whatever happened to jet ways?” I never thought I’d miss shuffling to my plane down that irregularly bent mystery tunnel with fellow passengers all vying for limited overhead space. But here I am, bumping along the runway with 80 other standing passengers, downright nostalgic for a boarding method I never really thought about until now.

My second thought goes a bit deeper: “Why has this trip through Italy felt like so much more than just another vacation?” [click to continue…]

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