Stories beyond words – Part 3

by Steve Brock April 15, 2013

Many great stories and photos contain people. But not all. Sometimes your photos can tell a better story without a person in them.

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Stories beyond words – Part 2

by Steve Brock April 12, 2013

There’s no one right way to tell a story visually. But there are some principles to consider that will increase the odds of communicating the story you want to convey in an image.

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Stories beyond words – Part 1

by Steve Brock April 10, 2013

Storytelling isn’t always done in words. Learn how to tell stories in your photos and videos and you’ll improve your trip…and your time after you return. This is the first of a series on visual story telling. It’s also a contest of sorts where you have to use the images to figure out the location. Ready?

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Traveling beyond the story

by Steve Brock April 4, 2013

Using the structure of a fairy tale can improve our travel stories. But we may find that the best experiences are are not always best told…

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Conflict, story and trips that matter

by Steve Brock March 28, 2013

Too often, our travel stories lack interest because they lack conflict. Just like too many of our trips themselves. Maybe it’s time to change that…

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The five P’s of a good story

by Steve Brock March 22, 2013

Follow these five principles or elements of a good story and those travel tales you tell after a trip will definitely be better

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The making of a good story

by Steve Brock March 13, 2013

We hear about how important stories are, but how do you tell a good one? Learn what makes a good story, at home and especially on (or after) a trip.

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