Serendipity and Skimboarding

by Steve Brock on September 10, 2010

In a previous entry, I mentioned spending a good deal of my youth at the beach collecting unfriendly UV rays and skimboarding. But what, you ask, is skimboarding?

Steve Skimboarding

That's me "skimboarding." If you're wondering where the waves are, you're not alone...

Think of it as surfing in reverse. You have a board roughly the shape of a small but thin surf board with a flat bottom and no fin. Definitely no fin. You start on the dry beach and run at an angle into the oncoming waves. You then drop the skimboard you’re carrying on the thin layer of water left by the receding waves, jump onto the board, hydroplane into the oncoming wave which you then catch and ride back into shore. 

Why do you need to know this and what does skimboarding have to do with meaningful travel? [click to continue…]

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