Tag: serendipity

  • The allure of secrets: Train Wreck – Part 1

    Another “secret” location in Whistler, BC beckons. But with this one, Train Wreck, we find that the journey to get there is as surprising and interesting as the destination…or so we think at the time.

  • Sadness and serendiptity – Part 3

    New Bedford and Fairhaven, MA were not on our agenda or the itinerary for the trip to my nephew’s funeral. But in a serendiptious way, they are now intimately part of that whole experience and oddly, part of our family’s story.

  • Sadness and serendipity – Part 2

    You travel to a funeral expecting to mourn the family member you lost. But sometimes, you find instead a better appreciation for the family you have.

  • Sadness and Serendipity – Part 1

    Even on difficult journeys, God provides what we need but in ways we would never expect and often through the kindness of strangers.

  • God on the rocks

    Looking for rocks on the beach reveals an approach to how we find God on a trip and in our daily lives which – big surprise – is rarely in expected ways.

  • Layers of meaning – Part Two

    In the second part of the story of visiting the music store Stein on Vine in Hollywood, CA, we discover that meaningful travel, like jazz, is made up of special moments – moments with multiple layers of meaning – that can’t be replicated but can be enjoyed if we learn to live in the moment and appreciate them for the gift that they are.

  • Layers of meaning – Part One

    A recent unplanned journey to the music store, Stein on Vine, in Hollywood, CA exemplifies how many layers of meaning can be found in a single discovery on a trip.