Tag: return

  • The mystery beyond

    Travel and Resurrection Sunday both reveal that the true meaning of the journey doesn’t end at your destination. It begins there. As does the greater mystery.

  • Looking forward

    We think of anticipation as something we do before a trip. But sometimes anticipation for the return at the end of a trip can be even more powerful.

  • You can go back, but…

    You CAN go home again – or revisit a place from your youth. But you’d best go aware that both the place and you will be both the same and different.

  • Stories beyond words – Part 1

    Storytelling isn’t always done in words. Learn how to tell stories in your photos and videos and you’ll improve your trip…and your time after you return. This is the first of a series on visual story telling. It’s also a contest of sorts where you have to use the images to figure out the location. Ready?

  • The making of a good story

    We hear about how important stories are, but how do you tell a good one? Learn what makes a good story, at home and especially on (or after) a trip.

  • Coming home to spring

    What do you do when travel wears you down so much that you no longer delight in the things you most enjoy?

  • An ordinary day

    Returning home from a trip helps change your perspective about both where you went and also where you’re from. Coming back after being away can help you see that the ordinary life you lead may not be so ordinary after all…