Tag: relationships

  • Travel, loss and memory

    The bittersweet feelings you have on leaving a place on a trip can’t compare to the loss of a loved one. But you can learn from them – and each other – on how to nurture a memory.

  • Doing it right – Part 2

    Sometimes, in sports or travel or life in general, we learn more – and different things – by learning from others than we ever could on our own as I found out in learning to surf.

  • Travel and trust – Part 1

    An encounter with a Serbian band in Delft in the Netherlands reveals both the joys of solo travel and also some of its challenges.

  • You can go back, but…Part 2

    It’s hard to see a place with fresh eyes when that place is intimately associated with people we once knew there. How do we let go of the past? Should we always?

  • It’s a smaller world – Part 1

    Editor’s Note: I’ve asked my friend Alan Noble to share some of his experience of living in Nairobi, Kenya. Alan and I worked together years ago at World Vision, the international Christian relief and development organization where Alan still is employed. This is the first of three parts. How does one write about an event […]

  • The full story – Part 3

    As I discovered in Frankfurt with some dear friends, it may take years, but sometimes travel affords us the opportunity to say what needs to be said and to complete what needs closure.

  • Driving in Paris

    Driving in Paris is a lot like life. There are challenges and rewards. You don’t always end up where you planned. Most of all, it’s much better when you don’t try it alone.