Tag: planning

  • At what point are you ready?

    At what point are you ready to leave on a trip? How do you know? Find out the single most important thing you can do to prepare for a trip.

  • The freedom of lists

    Making lists may seem like work, but doing so can often lead to the most fun and playful trips.

  • Unnecessary trips

    Taking time for small, unplanned, “unnecessary” trips may be more necessary than you think.

  • The best travel advice ever

    One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever received regarding travel is as unlikely as it is effective.

  • Planning and Control

    You’ll have a much better trip when you concentrate primarily on those things you can control and trust God with the rest. This is true not only during the trip itself but also during the planning stage of your trip, often for some surprising reasons…

  • Planning and Regret

    You can make the anticipation phase of your trip more enjoyable and meaningful and also avoid regret later on by doing some pre-trip planning. Even if you prefer winging it and just showing up, you may find some hidden benefits to planning and making necessary reservations.

  • The art of choosing the right traveling companion

    Selecting the right traveling companion can make or break your trip. Learn the questions to ask and the differences to note so you can understand how compatible you might be on a trip…before you ever start that trip.