Stories beyond words – Part 5

by Steve Brock April 23, 2013

Taking better travel photos and telling a better story with them sometimes means focusing on details and painting a fuller picture through multiple images rather than on iconic shot.

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Stories beyond words – Part 4

by Steve Brock April 18, 2013

Ever take a picture that seems rather blah with boring, faded colors? Convert it to black & white and tell a better story at the same time!

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Stories beyond words – Part 3

by Steve Brock April 15, 2013

Many great stories and photos contain people. But not all. Sometimes your photos can tell a better story without a person in them.

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Stories beyond words – Part 2

by Steve Brock April 12, 2013

There’s no one right way to tell a story visually. But there are some principles to consider that will increase the odds of communicating the story you want to convey in an image.

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Stories beyond words – Part 1

by Steve Brock April 10, 2013

Storytelling isn’t always done in words. Learn how to tell stories in your photos and videos and you’ll improve your trip…and your time after you return. This is the first of a series on visual story telling. It’s also a contest of sorts where you have to use the images to figure out the location. Ready?

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Traveling small

by Steve Brock November 30, 2012

We need big heroic quests. But we also can find value in the small trip and the close inspection of what lies around us every day as these amazing close-up images show.

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The trip that went to the dogs

by Steve Brock May 2, 2012

Sometimes you start with a theme for a trip and sometimes a theme finds you as I discovered with dogs in Peru.

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