The sufficiency of beauty

by Steve Brock May 17, 2011

In the lush greenness of Peru’s Sacred Valley or the artistic shaping and assembly of large but intricate stones in Incan architecture, you find something quite unexpected and yet also one of the main reasons we travel: beauty.

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How short is too short?

by Steve Brock May 11, 2011

When a trip feels as if it was too short, give yourself some time. You may have a different perspective long after a short trip.

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Too soon to tell – Part 2

by Steve Brock May 5, 2011

When you first return from a trip as I recently did from Peru, you’ll want to show all your photos to friends. But wait. What you show later will mean more to them and to you. And you might just see things you didn’t realize on your trip…

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Too soon to tell – Part 1

by Steve Brock May 2, 2011

As I’m finding out after returning from Peru, you need time when you get back from a trip to process what you’ve learned, but more importantly to understand the story that lies within the facts surrounding your journey. That fuller story only becomes clear with time.

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