Tag: perspective

  • The prison of habit

    The worst thing about bad habits is that you don’t even know you have them. Then one day, you become aware, and everything changes…or so you hope.

  • The ache of ephemeral experiences

    Some or the best, most meaningful moments on trips or in life are fleeting. They do not last beyond the experience itself. So what do we do with them?

  • Traveling in the dark – Part 1

    Driving in fog changes more than your perception of sight. It can change your whole notion of travel, both where you are, and what the world is like.

  • I don’t get it

    We don’t always know the meaning of our trips at the time. Sometimes just getting home is meaning enough.

  • The one less traveled – Part 2

    A journey to Arches National Park reveals that it’s not the way most or least traveled that matters, but how you respond to the path you’ve chosen.

  • It’s a smaller world – Part 1

    Editor’s Note: I’ve asked my friend Alan Noble to share some of his experience of living in Nairobi, Kenya. Alan and I worked together years ago at World Vision, the international Christian relief and development organization where Alan still is employed. This is the first of three parts. How does one write about an event […]

  • The best trip

    The best trip may not be the most exotic, the longest or the most anticipated. It may, in fact, be much closer than any of those.