new way of seeing

Stories beyond words – Part 4

by Steve Brock April 18, 2013

Ever take a picture that seems rather blah with boring, faded colors? Convert it to black & white and tell a better story at the same time!

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When the new is not enough

by Steve Brock November 22, 2012

Novelty is a primary reason we travel. But what do you do when all that newness overwhelms or worse, stops feeling new?

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The old is new again

by Steve Brock March 30, 2011

Old, familiar places can seem new again if you give them enough time since your last visit and approach them with a new set of eyes. A recent trip to LA reveals just how meaningful – and new – the old can be.

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A fresh set of eyes

by Steve Brock September 7, 2010

We travel to see new things but sometimes it takes others to help us see old things in a new way.

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