mutton bustin

Mutton Bustin' and Meaningful Travel

by Steve Brock on October 6, 2010

In my last entry, we looked at how my trip to the fair demonstrated that you don’t always have to go a long distance to find meaning.

Just for fun, let me provide you with a brief photo essay on how meaningful travel relates to one of the unique activities we witnessed on that day at the fair, Mutton Bustin’.

In that “sport,” kids six and under try to stay on their sheep for as long as possible. We just might learn a thing or two about risk-taking and meaningful travel from these tough little thrill seekers.

Saddle up, ’cause here we go:

How Mutton Bustin' relates to meaningful travel - Step One: Learn, despite difficult travel conditions, to enjoy the journey itself.

Step Two: Realize that all journeys, no matter how thrilling, must eventually come to an end.

Step 3: Rest and reflect at the end of your trip.

And don’t worry. Despite the apparent smirk on that sheep’s face, the little boy in the photo got up smiling just a second after the last picture was taken.

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