Tag: music

  • Art, music and a distant longing

    Today we explore a short trip to the Bellevue Art Museum, Anne Porter’s poem “Music” heard on the radio and the mystery of how these relate to each other and to our deepest longings.

  • Travel and trust – Part 2

    As I discovered in the Netherlands, when you are in a stressful situation like losing your phone, that’s when you learn how much you really trust others. And it isn’t always pretty…

  • Travel and trust – Part 1

    An encounter with a Serbian band in Delft in the Netherlands reveals both the joys of solo travel and also some of its challenges.

  • It all seems the same

    Being open to new experiences changes the way we not only perceive the world, but how we engage it…and enjoy it.

  • When your trip goes awry – Part 5

    We begin to make sense of hard trips only when we realize that where we thought we were heading isn’t our actual destination. What I learned about travel and life from an Andrew Peterson concert…on a trip.

  • The unimportance of travel

    Travel doesn’t really matter, except when, of course, it does. So when most of you comment about issues on this blog that don’t relate to travel, well, that might be a very good thing…

  • You had to be there – Part 1

    A recent performance by The Civil Wars highlights the limitations of words to convey the fullness of experiences, like those on a trip, that blow us away and are almost impossible to describe.