Messages along the way

by Steve Brock May 16, 2012

God often speaks to us in subtle ways. On trips, however, sometimes he’s not so subtle. A quick weekend trip to Leavenworth, WA and some graffiti on an old bridge raise questions about how – and what – we discover when we travel.

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Elephants, plumbs and intentionality

by Steve Brock April 11, 2012

Great photography, meaningful travel and spiritual growth all share this common connection: they each require intentionality.

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The longest journey on earth

by Steve Brock December 21, 2010

The longest journey on earth is often the twelve inches from our heads to our hearts, particularly with overly familiar subjects like Christmas. To find the real meaning of Christmas thus requires a journey of a different kind…

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A lousy travel story

by Steve Brock December 6, 2010

Guys Days are short intergenerational day trips I do with my dad and my kids. They reveal that some of the most meaningful trips actually make for pretty boring travel stories. And that’s OK…

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The meaning of rain

by Steve Brock October 14, 2010

One of the blessings of travel is that the distance from the familiar helps you pay better attention to things you rarely notice at home. Even something as common (to those of us in the Pacific Northwest) as rain.

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You don’t have to travel far to travel well

by Steve Brock October 4, 2010

As I learned while visiting the Western Washington Fair last week, you don’t always have to travel a great distance to have a great time…or learn something you’d never discover at home.

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The Deeper Meaning in Meaningful Travel

by Steve Brock September 23, 2010

You can learn a lot from the way fishermen in Alaska bring a large halibut into a fishing boat. But don’t expect that this information – or many other things you learn on a trip – will have a deeper meaning. Sometimes the experience itself is enough.

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