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  • Glimpses: Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle

    Glimpses: a new series   Today starts a periodic series here on The Meaningful Traveler that moves beyond travel to explore glimpses of meaning that can be found not only in travel but in popular culture, in particular books and movies. This isn’t highbrow literary critique as today’s first Glimpse reveals. However, I hope you […]

  • Who would know?

    Leaving behind secret works of creativity or humor that no one knows you did can delight those who find them in part due to the mystery of the maker.

  • The mystery beyond

    Travel and Resurrection Sunday both reveal that the true meaning of the journey doesn’t end at your destination. It begins there. As does the greater mystery.

  • The way of meaning

    Meaning is easier to define than it is to describe as a tour of various artists’ studios reveals.

  • Forgetting what you love

    Do you ever have moments when you’re reminded of the things that matter most to you and how, maybe, you’re not spending the time you should with them?

  • There is room

    A holiday trip reminds me that Christmas comes and goes. We forget what it means because we make no room for such things in our busy lives. But can we?

  • The five P’s of a good story

    Follow these five principles or elements of a good story and those travel tales you tell after a trip will definitely be better