Machu Picchu

How to photograph Machu Picchu

by Steve Brock on April 3, 2012

Around this same time last year, my family and I traveled to Peru. Before we left, I went online to find out details regarding taking pictures at Machu Picchu. What was the best time of day? What restrictions do they place on your camera, lenses or tripods? How big a bag can you carry with you? What filters, if any, were most useful? What angles or locations made for the best shots?

How do you find a new way of photographing someplace as iconic as Machu Picchu?

Answers to such questions (and many others) were hard to find, especially in one place. So to make it easier for anyone traveling to Machu Picchu who wants to get the best photographs possible, I’ve prepared this guide:

How to Photograph Machu Picchu

You can link to it directly above, or find it in the Tips and Tools section here on The Meaningful Traveler.

But wait! There’s more!

You may be thinking, “That’s great, but I have as much of a chance of getting to Machu Picchu as I do of spelling it correctly without help.” So you may assume this guide is as relevant to you as socks are to someone wearing flip-flops.

Not so.

This is actually a guide on how to take great travel photos anywhere. I just happen to use Machu Picchu as the example. So if you want to get better shots on your next trip, take a look.

Who knows? If you follow these tips for taking better travel photographs, you may find that your trip turns out to be – could it be? – even more meaningful. And if not, well, you’ll still have better images to show your friends…

So take a look and let me know what you think. If you have any tips for taking great travel pictures, share them as well.

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How was your trip?

by Steve Brock on April 26, 2011

When you return home from a place like Peru as I recently did with my family, inevitably, friends and colleagues will ask you this seemingly simple question:

“How was your trip?”

But how do you explain what it is like to step over the rise and witness the splendor of Machu Picchu for the first time? How do you describe how you felt seeing in person one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World that you’ve been reading about for months and have seen pictures of your whole life? How do you put words to all that you’ve experienced, have become and are becoming as a result of this trip?

If you’re like me, you don’t.

Or rather, you say enough to be polite but realize that the fullness of your trip won’t be explicable – to you or to others – for some time. 

So you wait.

And in my case, you share your thoughts over time with all the devoted readers of The Meaningful Traveler.

You’ve been warned…

Also, be sure to check out this free downloadable guide How to Photograph Machu Picchu for pointers on how to take better travel photos and specific ideas and specific tips for your trip to Machu Picchu.

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