Lord of the Rings

One more thought on returning

by Steve Brock on August 20, 2010

Image of pillows and sheets

A well-deserved rest awaits the weary traveler

Two of my favorite scenes in the movie, The Return of the King (the third in the Lord of the Rings trilogy) occur near the end of the film.

The first is where Gandalf has flown in with the eagles and rescued Frodo and Sam from becoming crock pot ingredients in the meltdown of Mount Doom. That rescue scene itself has a quiet poignancy to it, a wordless picture of unexpected – almost unbelievable – salvation at a point in time when Frodo and Sam have resigned themselves to death. They have completed their mission and have done so together. They dream of what might have been, but they realize their predicament leaves little hope of retirement planning. And then, out of chaos and destruction come Gandalf and three birds big enough to do some major damage to your windshield if you ever parked beneath their roost.

Fade to black. [click to continue…]

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