Tag: jokes

  • Elephants, plumbs and intentionality

    Great photography, meaningful travel and spiritual growth all share this common connection: they each require intentionality.

  • Inside jokes

    As the traveling gnome/dwarf story illustrates and as I discovered recently in Portland, OR, sometimes even the most inside of jokes we encounter on a trip invite us to join in and become part of the story.

  • The missing joke

    At a Kiros presentation, I chose not to tell a particular joke related to place, meaningful travel and creativity. So here it is. Only as is often the case in the way God works in our lives, it turns out it really isn’t about the joke but something far more meaningful…

  • Attitude at Altitude Part 2

    In addition to saying, “Thank You,” a good attitude and some positive words – even humor – can show appreciation for those who serve and travel with you.