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  • Magic, music and Montreal – Part 3

    Sometimes, as I found on a trip to the Montreal Jazz Festival, the most meaningful travel occurs when we engage the things we don’t like but with the people we do…

  • Magic, music and Montreal – Part 2

    A magical trip to New York as a youth sets the stage for explaining why, when I don’t like jazz, I’d spend my vacation as an adult at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

  • Magic, music and Montreal – Part 1

    I wish I liked wine, coffee and jazz better than I do. So why then, did I go out of my way this summer to attend the Montreal Jazz Festival? Find out…

  • Layers of meaning – Part Two

    In the second part of the story of visiting the music store Stein on Vine in Hollywood, CA, we discover that meaningful travel, like jazz, is made up of special moments – moments with multiple layers of meaning – that can’t be replicated but can be enjoyed if we learn to live in the moment and appreciate them for the gift that they are.

  • Layers of meaning – Part One

    A recent unplanned journey to the music store, Stein on Vine, in Hollywood, CA exemplifies how many layers of meaning can be found in a single discovery on a trip.