Tag: Incarnation

  • The accessible God

    Christmas fades quickly until we realize that the baby that Mary held in her arms is the same person who holds us in his every day of our lives.

  • A not so silent night

    We sing “Silent Night, Holy Night” but that first Christmas was anything but silent. Realizing how Jesus came amidst the noise changes everything…then and now.

  • You had to be there – Part 2

    “You had to be there” takes on a whole new meaning when we realize the implications of this phrase to the Christmas message and for our own travels.

  • You have no idea

    In travel and in life, you have no idea how things will turn out. Appreciating this – and resting in it rather than resisting it – can dramatically alter how you travel and live.

  • The traveling God

    Throughout the bible we see that God is a traveling God, one who goes with his people. But in the Incarnation, we come to realize that God not only goes with us, but comes to us and forever changes the way we travel…and live.

  • The longest journey on earth

    The longest journey on earth is often the twelve inches from our heads to our hearts, particularly with overly familiar subjects like Christmas. To find the real meaning of Christmas thus requires a journey of a different kind…