The wonder of us

by Steve Brock on July 11, 2013

One could argue what the greatest wonder in this world is. You could go all metaphysical and say that the greatest wonder is that God loves us. Or you could go rather cosmic and big and look at the universe. Others might turn to mountains, oceans, flora or fauna and say, yep, those are definitely wonders. Or what about human inventions, technology, building and works? Lots of wonders there.

But let me focus on something much more common. Something you see every day. Something you likely don’t even consider a wonder at all.


And me.

And every other person on this earth.

When I look back on photographs from our family’s trip two years ago to Nova Scotia, Canada and our visit to the restored fort of Louisbourg, I’m struck by the human element.

Sewing Together at LouisbourgTake a look at how these two women relate to each other. Think about how you relate to others, about how we all relate to the world. The very idea of relationships is a wonder we usually overlook.

Now look at this next photo.

Sewing Hands at Louisbourg


This close-up of the women’s hands reminds me of what a wonder it is that we have opposable thumbs and all the amazing things we can do with our hands. We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made. And yet I rarely think about it or appreciate who I am or what I am.

So take a moment and try this. Just observe your hands for a minute or two. Yes, it sounds kind of goofy, but go ahead, give it a shot. Stretch out your fingers. Bend them. Touch them one at a time to your thumb. Make a fist. Open it up. Do whatever it takes for you to break through the numbing nature of familiarity, to realize for even a brief moment how amazing just your hands are. How amazing your body is. How amazing you are.

You may never look at another person the same way again…

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