How was your trip?

by Steve Brock April 26, 2011

How do you answer the question, “How was your trip?” when you first get home from some place like Machu Picchu? You don’t. Or rather, you wait until you have the appropriate answer…and that might be a long wait.

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Querencias, Creativity and Meaningful Travel

by Steve Brock January 18, 2011

Travel both feeds and undermines the creative process. Understanding how travel affects our creativity and the role that querencia (a place of safety) plays can help you travel in a more open and creative manner.

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When our categories fail us

by Steve Brock December 14, 2010

We often form categories for what is meaningful travel and what isn’t. However, sometimes those categories don’t work because some of the most meaningful travel experiences on our trips don’t necessarily occur on the trips themselves.

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