A different kind of grateful

by Steve Brock May 24, 2012

A short trip to Seattle with in-laws becomes an adventure in gratitude with some surprising results.

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Another look at moss

by Steve Brock March 6, 2012

Why focus on moss as a travel subject? More to the point, what do you do with the green things of life like moss? You learn the lost art of appreciation…

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An ode to old shoes

by Steve Brock July 11, 2011

If shoes could talk…

Today I give homage to an old pair of walking shoes and learn the power of being grateful for something I usually ignore.

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The unexpected results of traveling expectantly

by Steve Brock November 22, 2010

A trip to San Antonio, Texas reveals that you can have a meaningful journey and travel expectantly for business even if nothing overtly exceptional happens. But you have to pay attention…

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