God on the rocks

by Steve Brock August 3, 2011

Looking for rocks on the beach reveals an approach to how we find God on a trip and in our daily lives which – big surprise – is rarely in expected ways.

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Nothing is small

by Steve Brock March 22, 2011

Some of the most meaningful experiences on a trip occur in small moments…if we will only notice them and realize their source.

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Believing in wonder

by Steve Brock February 15, 2011

We can learn a lot about wonder and travel from the Volkswagen Super Bowl ad regarding wonder and our response to it. Maybe the Force is with us more than we realize…

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The unexpected results of traveling expectantly

by Steve Brock November 22, 2010

A trip to San Antonio, Texas reveals that you can have a meaningful journey and travel expectantly for business even if nothing overtly exceptional happens. But you have to pay attention…

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Meaningful Travel Basics: Traveling Expectantly Part 1

by Steve Brock October 25, 2010

The alternative to traveling with expectations is to travel expectantly, eagerly looking to God to surprise you and show you what you need to see. But it may not be as easy as you expect…

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Just for you

by Steve Brock September 3, 2010

Why is it that sometimes you fall in love with a song or a place and no one else is moved by it? What do you do? The helpful answer may be closer than you think…

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Return and Presence

by Steve Brock August 16, 2010

Being present to others on a trip often requires effort. But when we return home, we find a different kind of presence where we can find God’s comfort and peace – often unexpectedly.

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