Tag: God

  • Finding your True North

    Sometimes we travel hoping to find something that will move us in the world around us only to discover that what we seek, our True North, may instead lay within.

  • Forgetting grace – Part 2

    After losing my passport in the Madrid airport and then finding it, I still had a long way to go to make my flight. And what happened along the way provides a good reminder that there are worse things to lose than your passport.

  • Traveling in the dark – Part 2

    Seeing in the light what before was shrouded in fog and dark makes you aware of how close some really big things in life are.

  • There is room

    A holiday trip reminds me that Christmas comes and goes. We forget what it means because we make no room for such things in our busy lives. But can we?

  • Traveling beyond the story

    Using the structure of a fairy tale can improve our travel stories. But we may find that the best experiences are are not always best told…

  • The accessible God

    Christmas fades quickly until we realize that the baby that Mary held in her arms is the same person who holds us in his every day of our lives.

  • A not so silent night

    We sing “Silent Night, Holy Night” but that first Christmas was anything but silent. Realizing how Jesus came amidst the noise changes everything…then and now.