Tag: Germany

  • Go ahead, dream

    As we enter summer and trips approach, enjoy the one of the best parts of your journey: the anticipation of it before you ever leave home.

  • You can go back, but…Part 2

    It’s hard to see a place with fresh eyes when that place is intimately associated with people we once knew there. How do we let go of the past? Should we always?

  • You can go back, but…

    You CAN go home again – or revisit a place from your youth. But you’d best go aware that both the place and you will be both the same and different.

  • The full story – Part 3

    As I discovered in Frankfurt with some dear friends, it may take years, but sometimes travel affords us the opportunity to say what needs to be said and to complete what needs closure.

  • The full story – Part 2

    We encounter many mysteries on our trips, some big, some not. Usually, they go unresolved. But sometimes, as with an odd bicyclist in Frankfurt, Germany, we get the fuller story.

  • The full story – Part 1

    We don’t always get the full story when we travel. Sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we never learn. But sometimes, we do…

  • What gets left behind

    When it comes to people we meet on a trip, we always leave some of ourselves behind. Each encounter is an exchange, a sharing of a little bit of us with a little bit of them. We will always leave a part of us with those we meet. The question is what will that be?