Tag: France

  • Look closely

    Want to see, really see, a large familiar place in a new way? Stop looking at it as one big thing and start seeing the details that make it special.

  • Turn around

    When everyone else looks one direction at the popular sights, you may have a more meaningful experience by simply turning around and looking the other way.

  • Looking on the inside

    Next time you want to see a place in a new way, don’t just look at the outside. Look inside. Even in places you didn’t think you could…

  • Looking beyond what you see

    As I discovered photographing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, sometimes the best way to see something is to look beyond (or in front of) what you actually see.

  • You had to be there – Part 5

    The best, most meaningful travel occurs on two levels, the internal and the external. To get the most out of a trip, you have to be there on both levels as I discovered one day in Southern France.