The many faces of beauty

by Steve Brock October 1, 2010

A series of photographs from a trip along the Payette River in Idaho demonstrate how small changes in location can substantially alter our perspective.

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Meaningful Fishing

by Steve Brock September 28, 2010

How does fishing relate to meaninful travel? Both get you to distant places, often ones of great beauty, where you anticipate, discover and pay better attention. And sometimes you even catch a fish.

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The Deeper Meaning in Meaningful Travel

by Steve Brock September 23, 2010

You can learn a lot from the way fishermen in Alaska bring a large halibut into a fishing boat. But don’t expect that this information – or many other things you learn on a trip – will have a deeper meaning. Sometimes the experience itself is enough.

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Meaningful travel basics: Travel as an act of faith – Part 1

by Steve Brock September 16, 2010

Travel is many things to many people, but have you ever thought of it as an act of faith? Doing so can completely change the way you travel.

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