Tag: fishing

  • The paradox of mastery

    Mastery of a new area comes best when we pursue it with passion and practice over time. But lose the passion and you likely stop practicing. Practice well, however, and you’ll gain more passion.

  • Eliminate your variables

    When learning a new sport or any new skill – even learning to travel well – you’ll increase competency faster when you tackle each aspect or variable one at a time.

  • Knowing and doing

    Learning to fly fish reveals that knowing something without doing it is incomplete. Some things can only be grasped experientially through doing.

  • Hardware vs. software

    Sometimes your best investment is in your gear. Sometimes in the experience itself. But neither will help you learn something new if you forget how to learn.

  • Gone fishin’

    Fishing and travel share many common traits like much waiting followed by moments of intense excitement. But there’s more to both than meets the eye.

  • Hard trips and wonder

    After a hard trip, we can often experience wonder in ways that we’d normally miss. Especially when you’re standing in the sea and an inexplicable wave comes rushing at you out of nowhere…

  • Meaningful travel and vicarious meaning

    The meaningful parts of meaningful travel often come to us vicariously through others as I learned from my dad while fishing on the Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park.