Tag: family travel

  • Sadness and serendiptity – Part 3

    New Bedford and Fairhaven, MA were not on our agenda or the itinerary for the trip to my nephew’s funeral. But in a serendiptious way, they are now intimately part of that whole experience and oddly, part of our family’s story.

  • Sadness and serendipity – Part 2

    You travel to a funeral expecting to mourn the family member you lost. But sometimes, you find instead a better appreciation for the family you have.

  • Magic, music and Montreal – Part 2

    A magical trip to New York as a youth sets the stage for explaining why, when I don’t like jazz, I’d spend my vacation as an adult at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

  • Saving a life in Boston

    It took our 13-year-old son to convince us to help an injured man in Cambridge, MA. But it wasn’t the poor man laying in the street who turned out to need the most help…

  • Amateur Hour

    When you fly a lot it is easy to lose patience with those who don’t, particularly during busy holiday seasons. That is, until you realize that you share much more with these people than just the overhead baggage space…