experiential learning

Top 5 life lessons from mountain biking – Part 4b

by Steve Brock November 1, 2012

Bike riding, travel and life all reveal that balance may not be all we think it is. There might just be a better approach to pursue than balance. What is it?

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Meaningful lessons – Part 1

by Steve Brock August 7, 2012

Today marks the second anniversary of The Meaningful Traveler. So what have I learned in two years of writing this blog? Find out…

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You had to be there – Part 3

by Steve Brock January 12, 2012

Another, simpler way to understand the phrase “You had to be there” is to recognize the value of engaging a place with all our senses. So here are some ways for you to do that…experientially.

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Cairo: the value of being there

by Steve Brock February 12, 2011

Experiencing first-hand events such as those in Cairo, Egypt as President Mubarak steps down demonstrate the amazing value of being in a place at a pivotal point in history and how doing so with others forever changes us.

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