Move and be moved – Part 1

by Steve Brock May 23, 2013

An unexpected trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum points out how moving unplanned side trips can be if you take the time for them, even on busy business trips.

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How to select a great restaurant on a trip

by Steve Brock December 7, 2012

Eating is such an enjoyable part of travel, or it can be if you eat the right food in the right places. But how do you find the right place to eat? Try these five tips.

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Traveling small

by Steve Brock November 30, 2012

We need big heroic quests. But we also can find value in the small trip and the close inspection of what lies around us every day as these amazing close-up images show.

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Why we travel

by Steve Brock November 13, 2012

Why do we travel? Check out this simple infographic of what we’re running from, what we’re traveling to and why how we travel may matter more than why we travel.

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A remembrance of things present – Part 2

by Steve Brock September 12, 2012

Years after our first experience with something like biking, we can take a trip and rediscover the simple joy of a body in motion or some similar wonder we’re taken for granted most of our lives.

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A remembrance of things present – Part 1

by Steve Brock September 4, 2012

Rediscovering a joy from our youth can be as or more powerful than discovering something new, on a trip or even under a bed…

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“…notstop looking”

by Steve Brock August 28, 2012

The movie “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” provides some amazing insights on how to travel; both through the world and through our pain.

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