Tag: discovery

  • Finding your True North

    Sometimes we travel hoping to find something that will move us in the world around us only to discover that what we seek, our True North, may instead lay within.

  • Forgetting grace – Part 2

    After losing my passport in the Madrid airport and then finding it, I still had a long way to go to make my flight. And what happened along the way provides a good reminder that there are worse things to lose than your passport.

  • Gaining when we lose

    Unlike children, adults often have great difficulty mastering a second language as we get older. And that’s okay…

  • Gone fishin’

    Fishing and travel share many common traits like much waiting followed by moments of intense excitement. But there’s more to both than meets the eye.

  • Traveling in the dark – Part 2

    Seeing in the light what before was shrouded in fog and dark makes you aware of how close some really big things in life are.

  • Traveling in the dark – Part 1

    Driving in fog changes more than your perception of sight. It can change your whole notion of travel, both where you are, and what the world is like.

  • Start before you leave

    Why wait until your destination to start looking for wonder on a trip? It may be closer than you think but you have to be present and prepared to see it.