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  • Stories beyond words – Part 7

    When telling stories with your photos about your trip, don’t forget to include images that tell the “how” of your journey.

  • Stories beyond words – Part 6

    We finally reveal where this series of photos was shot and look at a summary of how to tell better stories with images on a trip.

  • Stories beyond words – Part 5

    Taking better travel photos and telling a better story with them sometimes means focusing on details and painting a fuller picture through multiple images rather than on iconic shot.

  • Stories beyond words – Part 2

    There’s no one right way to tell a story visually. But there are some principles to consider that will increase the odds of communicating the story you want to convey in an image.

  • Sadness and serendipity – Part 2

    You travel to a funeral expecting to mourn the family member you lost. But sometimes, you find instead a better appreciation for the family you have.

  • God is in the details – Part 2

    Details add meaning to our trip because they often summarize or highlight a broader experience. But sometimes, they come to represent far more than what we saw. They also serve as reminders of what we felt and all the related associations and meaning of that moment.

  • God is in the details – Part 1

    While it is important to capture the big picture scenes of a trip, sometimes the most meaningful moments are found in the details. Our day at the fair provides multiple examples of how in travel and photography, sometimes a limited focus reveals much more.