Tag: comfort zones

  • Querencias and the comfort of the familiar

    The idea of a querencia or place of safety takes on even greater meaning for people who travel frequently and to distant places. In such cases, a place like Starbucks can become far more than a source of familiar coffee as my friend Brian found out in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • A personal place of safety on a trip

    We travel to get out of our comfort zones and yet we find on many trips – particularly hard ones – the need for our own “querencias” or places of safety along the way.

  • The most dangerous places on earth

    Traveling to war-torn areas or places of great suffering can be very dangerous but not necessarily for the reasons you think.

  • A new kind of adventure travel

    Traveling adventurously looks different for each person. Risk is relative. But taking the easy way and avoiding risk isn’t really an option if you want to travel meaningfully. The question then becomes, “What will your adventure look like?”