business travel

A long way back

by Steve Brock March 18, 2011

Business travel tends to be all business. But sometimes just noticing the actions of others can completely change your own perspective…and make both your trip and your life more meaningful.

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When our categories fail us

by Steve Brock December 14, 2010

We often form categories for what is meaningful travel and what isn’t. However, sometimes those categories don’t work because some of the most meaningful travel experiences on our trips don’t necessarily occur on the trips themselves.

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Discovery and business travel

by Steve Brock November 11, 2010

A business trip to Chicago illustrates how you can discover something new and meaningful to you even when traveling for work. It may take some extra effort, but as the photos here reveal, it pays off.

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Tips for meaningful business travel

by Steve Brock November 8, 2010

Did you ever wonder how you could make your next business trip more meaningful and enjoyable? Wonder no more. Or rather, use these tips for meaningful business travel to discover a new form of wonder…even when traveling for work.

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