Tag: Belgium

  • A different look at Brugge

    Seeing one place, like Brugge, Belgium, in a different light helps you to then see the whole world anew.

  • Remembering what we don’t understand

    Why we remember aspects of trips long after the event is a mystery. We don’t have to understand them. But we can reflect and thereby enjoy the trip anew.

  • Habits and their ways

    Just as the trees near Bruges, Belgium lean oddly from years of being blown by the wind, so too are we affected by habits that shape us for good…or not so good.

  • What gets left behind

    When it comes to people we meet on a trip, we always leave some of ourselves behind. Each encounter is an exchange, a sharing of a little bit of us with a little bit of them. We will always leave a part of us with those we meet. The question is what will that be?