Tag: appreciation

  • Pastpresentfuture travel

    Going back to the same place isn’t that surprising except when you can be present: to the moment, to the past and to the future all at the same time

  • The lost art of noticing – Part 2

    Want to actively participate in life and stop missing the wonder all around you? Learn how to pay attention…with love.

  • Another look at moss

    Why focus on moss as a travel subject? More to the point, what do you do with the green things of life like moss? You learn the lost art of appreciation…

  • You had to be there – Part 1

    A recent performance by The Civil Wars highlights the limitations of words to convey the fullness of experiences, like those on a trip, that blow us away and are almost impossible to describe.

  • Sadness and Serendipity – Part 1

    Even on difficult journeys, God provides what we need but in ways we would never expect and often through the kindness of strangers.

  • When our categories fail us

    We often form categories for what is meaningful travel and what isn’t. However, sometimes those categories don’t work because some of the most meaningful travel experiences on our trips don’t necessarily occur on the trips themselves.

  • Return and Presence

    Being present to others on a trip often requires effort. But when we return home, we find a different kind of presence where we can find God’s comfort and peace – often unexpectedly.