The best travel advice ever

by Steve Brock February 18, 2011

One of the best bits of advice I’ve ever received regarding travel is as unlikely as it is effective.

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Planning and Control

by Steve Brock February 4, 2011

You’ll have a much better trip when you concentrate primarily on those things you can control and trust God with the rest. This is true not only during the trip itself but also during the planning stage of your trip, often for some surprising reasons…

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Planning and Regret

by Steve Brock February 1, 2011

You can make the anticipation phase of your trip more enjoyable and meaningful and also avoid regret later on by doing some pre-trip planning. Even if you prefer winging it and just showing up, you may find some hidden benefits to planning and making necessary reservations.

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How to make your trip last longer

by Steve Brock January 27, 2011

Your trip can last much longer than the time you’re away if you learn how to maximize the anticpation before and reflection after your journey. Those extended phases aren’t always fun – especially the planning part – but they can be meaningful if you know how…

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A new kind of adventure travel

by Steve Brock January 4, 2011

Traveling adventurously looks different for each person. Risk is relative. But taking the easy way and avoiding risk isn’t really an option if you want to travel meaningfully. The question then becomes, “What will your adventure look like?”

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You have no idea

by Steve Brock December 28, 2010

In travel and in life, you have no idea how things will turn out. Appreciating this – and resting in it rather than resisting it – can dramatically alter how you travel and live.

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Traveling expectantly…for business

by Steve Brock November 2, 2010

An upcoming work trip to San Antonio, Texas provides a way to consider how you can travel expectantly on any trip – even a business trip. The restrictions on free time and the pressures of work can actually lower your expectations for a meaningful journey… which ironically may increase the likelihood of having one. But we shall see as this is the first part of a test.

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