An excellent meal

by Steve Brock March 10, 2015

A trip to Charlotte, NC leads to the discovery of a surprising restaurant, the King’s kitchen, where more than great food is served.

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Art, music and a distant longing

by Steve Brock January 30, 2015

Today we explore a short trip to the Bellevue Art Museum, Anne Porter’s poem “Music” heard on the radio and the mystery of how these relate to each other and to our deepest longings.

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Being in a different place for Christmas

by Steve Brock December 25, 2014

We’re not always in the places we want to be even on Christmas. But Christmas reminds us that no matter where we are, we are never alone…

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Gaining when we lose

by Steve Brock December 20, 2014

Unlike children, adults often have great difficulty mastering a second language as we get older. And that’s okay…

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Traveling in new directions

by Steve Brock October 17, 2014

New opportunities lead to new directions. Find out about the new changes coming here on The Meaningful Traveler.

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Looking forward

by Steve Brock October 3, 2014

We think of anticipation as something we do before a trip. But sometimes anticipation for the return at the end of a trip can be even more powerful.

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The way of meaning

by Steve Brock September 25, 2014

Meaning is easier to define than it is to describe as a tour of various artists’ studios reveals.

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