The mystery beyond

by Steve Brock March 27, 2016

Travel and Resurrection Sunday both reveal that the true meaning of the journey doesn’t end at your destination. It begins there. As does the greater mystery.

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25 things I would do if I didn’t live by fear

by Steve Brock January 1, 2016

As we enter the new year, it helps to think about how we might live differently if fear didn’t consume us. Here are 25 thoughts on what life might look like without fear.

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In praise of the sunrise

by Steve Brock November 29, 2015

Sunsets may be more familiar, but here are several reasons why the sunrise can be the most special time of day whether you’re on a trip or at home.

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The prison of habit

by Steve Brock September 4, 2015

The worst thing about bad habits is that you don’t even know you have them. Then one day, you become aware, and everything changes…or so you hope.

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The ache of ephemeral experiences

by Steve Brock May 4, 2015

Some or the best, most meaningful moments on trips or in life are fleeting. They do not last beyond the experience itself. So what do we do with them?

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An excellent meal

by Steve Brock March 10, 2015

A trip to Charlotte, NC leads to the discovery of a surprising restaurant, the King’s kitchen, where more than great food is served.

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Art, music and a distant longing

by Steve Brock January 30, 2015

Today we explore a short trip to the Bellevue Art Museum, Anne Porter’s poem “Music” heard on the radio and the mystery of how these relate to each other and to our deepest longings.

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