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  • Glimpses: Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle

    Glimpses: a new series   Today starts a periodic series here on The Meaningful Traveler that moves beyond travel to explore glimpses of meaning that can be found not only in travel but in popular culture, in particular books and movies. This isn’t highbrow literary critique as today’s first Glimpse reveals. However, I hope you […]

  • Travel, loss and memory

    The bittersweet feelings you have on leaving a place on a trip can’t compare to the loss of a loved one. But you can learn from them – and each other – on how to nurture a memory.

  • Travel and trust – Part 2

    As I discovered in the Netherlands, when you are in a stressful situation like losing your phone, that’s when you learn how much you really trust others. And it isn’t always pretty…

  • Travel and trust – Part 1

    An encounter with a Serbian band in Delft in the Netherlands reveals both the joys of solo travel and also some of its challenges.

  • Coincidental travel

    When we meet strangers on a trip, it’s easy to assume those are just chance encounters. But we may be wrong about that assumption…

  • The full story – Part 3

    As I discovered in Frankfurt with some dear friends, it may take years, but sometimes travel affords us the opportunity to say what needs to be said and to complete what needs closure.

  • A letter from my first week home this year

    When you travel for eight weeks straight, it takes a toll on you. And then – gasp! – you realize that maybe travel isn’t all you thought it was.