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  • Querencias and the comfort of the familiar

    The idea of a querencia or place of safety takes on even greater meaning for people who travel frequently and to distant places. In such cases, a place like Starbucks can become far more than a source of familiar coffee as my friend Brian found out in Jakarta, Indonesia.

  • Tips for meaningful business travel

    Did you ever wonder how you could make your next business trip more meaningful and enjoyable? Wonder no more. Or rather, use these tips for meaningful business travel to discover a new form of wonder…even when traveling for work.

  • The beginning of a long journey

    A brief history of what initially sparked the idea for The Meaningful Traveler and the related questions about how to make travel more meaningful.

  • What if…?

    What if travel meant more than a relaxing time on the beach, an adventure to a new locale or an exciting excursion with friends? What if travel not only refreshed and invigorated us, but changed us long past our return? What if we could learn to travel in a manner that draws us closer to […]