Category: Anticipation

  • At what point are you ready?

    At what point are you ready to leave on a trip? How do you know? Find out the single most important thing you can do to prepare for a trip.

  • Looking forward

    We think of anticipation as something we do before a trip. But sometimes anticipation for the return at the end of a trip can be even more powerful.

  • Go ahead, dream

    As we enter summer and trips approach, enjoy the one of the best parts of your journey: the anticipation of it before you ever leave home.

  • There is room

    A holiday trip reminds me that Christmas comes and goes. We forget what it means because we make no room for such things in our busy lives. But can we?

  • The full story – Part 2

    We encounter many mysteries on our trips, some big, some not. Usually, they go unresolved. But sometimes, as with an odd bicyclist in Frankfurt, Germany, we get the fuller story.

  • The full story – Part 1

    We don’t always get the full story when we travel. Sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we never learn. But sometimes, we do…

  • Start before you leave

    Why wait until your destination to start looking for wonder on a trip? It may be closer than you think but you have to be present and prepared to see it.