Author: Steve Brock

  • Moving On

    Welcome to The Meaningful Traveler. For eight years, I wrote on this site about issues relating to travel and faith. Since 2018, I’ve focused on continuing many of these same themes, in particular exploring the intersection of travel and creativity, over on I invite you to continue the journey with me there as I […]

  • Giving, getting and The Black Panther

    The Marvel movie, The Black Panther can teach us a lot about the benefits of opening up and sharing what matters most to us, even when we may not want to.

  • Glimpses: Jumanji – Welcome to the Jungle

    Glimpses: a new series   Today starts a periodic series here on The Meaningful Traveler that moves beyond travel to explore glimpses of meaning that can be found not only in travel but in popular culture, in particular books and movies. This isn’t highbrow literary critique as today’s first Glimpse reveals. However, I hope you […]

  • Not seeing in order to see

    A trip to a “Public Convenience” in England reveals that sometimes we see best when we’re forced to see in a different way.

  • Who would know?

    Leaving behind secret works of creativity or humor that no one knows you did can delight those who find them in part due to the mystery of the maker.

  • Finding your True North

    Sometimes we travel hoping to find something that will move us in the world around us only to discover that what we seek, our True North, may instead lay within.

  • Forgetting grace – Part 2

    After losing my passport in the Madrid airport and then finding it, I still had a long way to go to make my flight. And what happened along the way provides a good reminder that there are worse things to lose than your passport.