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At the heart of meaningful travel lies mystery and adventure

Travel can be extraordinary. That’s why we do it and want more of it. Travel takes us out of the familiar into new, often transcendent experiences.

The rise in volunteer vacations and short-term missions trips reflect a hunger for a kind of travel that moves our souls, not just our bodies. We long for more than eventful trips: We want meaningful journeys. But we’re not sure what those look like or how to travel in a way that opens us up to what matters most.

Today we have numerous resources that tell us what to see. But few if any teach us how to see.

The Meaningful Traveler is intended as a guide of sorts, a reverent one that takes you on a quest through the many factors that make up meaningful travel – wonder, discovery, risk-taking, surrender, perspective, relationships, home and more. Understanding how these factors or principles affect travel will help you learn to journey in a more meaningful way, deriving greater fulfillment from any trip.

Here in The Meaningful Traveler, we will explore together the satisfaction of a journey well taken and discover how to be open to the surprising and often mysterious ways God can change us, our trips and our lives back home through travel.

Anyone can become a Meaningful Traveler. Why not start now?

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Regent March 2, 2014 at 10:05 am

Hi Steve. I wrote a book titled Travelers: The Meaningful Journey.Thought you might be interested. I’ll be happy to send you a complimentary copy. All I need is an address. I enjoy your website! Regent

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