The allure of secrets: HemLoft – Part 3

I have “discovered” the secret tree house known as HemLoft near Whistler, BC, but now what? I go inside.

The interior is simple with a main downstairs area containing a bench, some shelves, a small deck that opens to the surrounding forest and a writing desk.

Up a set of spiral stairs built onto the tree that upholds HemLoft is a small upper area with little else than the triangular windows that provide light and a view.

I return back to the writing desk. On it sit two notebooks and a plastic storage bin filled with writing instruments. A few crayons lay scattered nearby. 

The notebooks are logs or, more accurately, guest books. I read a few of the most recent entries dated three days ago. I grab a crayon and add my own quick words of appreciation, initials and the date. I’ve made my mark on a place that has made its mark on me.

Though I’m concerned with getting back and not having my car towed, I linger long enough to peruse these books.

HemLoft may be a “secret” destination, but secrets have a way of getting out as evidenced by the dozens of comments creatively filling these guest books. As I read through them, I realize another small pleasure of travel and discovery.

All of us who sign the guest books of HemLoft are part of a community of sorts, an insider’s club. We may not know each other and will likely never meet. Yet we share a bond, a common experience realized by relatively few people.

To me, that’s one of the blessings of discovery. It’s highly personal: you may “discover” something that millions have seen before such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris. But that discovery is still real to you. It’s your first encounter with it and that’s what matters…to you.

At the same time, you’re part of a common experience of everyone who has made that same discovery. A single place such as HemLoft can touch many lives. In some ways, it’s like a statement I once heard about one’s faith: Your faith is very personal, but it isn’t private. We’re created for community. Even with personal discoveries, knowing you’re part of something bigger than yourself and connected to a group of other discoverers, all that adds to the meaning of the experience.

So ask yourself this: While it is still summer, what will you discover? What secrets will you uncover? What “insider’s club” will you become a part of? Now it the time to do something new and bold and inspiring.

Want more inspiration? Check out the story behind HemLoft. You can find it here:

But don’t just read about it. Go build your own secret tree house or do something equally amazing. You never know the lives you might touch in the process.

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