The best travel advice for a first-time traveler

by Steve Brock on June 1, 2012 is asking this week, as part of their 2012 Indie Travel Challenge, what’s the best advice for a first-time traveler.

Here are two related posts that offer the best advice I ever received on how a first-time traveler goes about preparing for a trip:

The first relates to the very notion of what do you do with all the advice you get. The second looks at the role of guidebooks and Web sites and how to find what works best for you.

But to summarize it all up, I always tell first-time (and other) travelers this: Savor the anticipation.

You will likely find, as most travelers do, that the anticipation before your trip and the reflection on it afterwards are some of the most meaningful parts of travel. So don’t let all the hassles of logistics get in the way of your dreams. Travel is filled with surprise. That’s part of why we travel. But anticipation is almost better since you can delight in it and have something to look forward to.

So enjoy the journey. But just be aware that it starts long before you ever walk out your front door…


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