Month: December 2011

  • You had to be there – Part 2

    “You had to be there” takes on a whole new meaning when we realize the implications of this phrase to the Christmas message and for our own travels.

  • You had to be there – Part 1

    A recent performance by The Civil Wars highlights the limitations of words to convey the fullness of experiences, like those on a trip, that blow us away and are almost impossible to describe.

  • Traveling Light – Part 3

    Just as a single flame passed to many others at the Feast of Lights, so too do our trips build on each other revealing something much, much greater…

  • Traveling Light – Part 2

    The Feast of Lights at the University of Redlands helps us to understand a deeper – and brighter – meaning of Christmas…and travel.

  • Traveling Light – Part 1

    Sometimes you just have to get away from it all – literally – to appreciate what Christmas is all about and to be…illuminated.

  • Laughing with God

    It’s easy to laugh at God or discount the divine when things are going well. But hit a rough spot on a trip – or in life – and then see who’s laughing…

  • Inside jokes

    As the traveling gnome/dwarf story illustrates and as I discovered recently in Portland, OR, sometimes even the most inside of jokes we encounter on a trip invite us to join in and become part of the story.